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Make time not excuses

One of my key learnings from 2019 led to the creation of this space. If you have been keeping up with my posts on the various platforms, you know I have been discussing the benefits of reflection. I am so glad I have been reflecting as I never would have created this amazing space for 2020, if I didn’t make the time to reflect.

My new space: ready for 2020

One of the questions I asked myself, was ‘did I give myself the time and resources to achieve my goals?’ I also asked myself ‘do I have any unfinished projects/actions/goals and if so why?’

A common answer was to do with ‘space and environment.’ Not having the right space to create, not having the right space to exercise, not having the right space to work on my coaching practice.

I thought, “wow how interesting, there’s a common theme - space/place. It’s a shame I have been so busy that I never got around to setting up a study/office space in the spare room.”

I listened to my internal voice and thought……hold on! There was one relatively easy solution that would have helped set me up for success and I didn’t do it because I was too busy trying to achieve my goals. “Roll of the eyes and sigh”

That was a powerful moment for me.

Reflection alone isn’t going to solve everything, but reflection with lessons learned is POWERFUL.

It was the 27th of December, and I was pretty happy with myself as I had made time to reflect and review 2019. I wanted to use the in between period for relaxing and reflecting before another busy year.

HOWEVER, reflection and lessons learned are useless without action.

Come on Liz, you have 11 days after Christmas to relax. Surely you can use 1 of them to create the space you need?’

I looked at the mountain of ‘junk’ in the junk room and sat on the floor pondering if it was surmountable. If I wanted to set myself up for success in 2020 then this floor of junk needed to be tackled.

I took a moment, closed my eyes and visualised what kind of space I wanted. I love to be surrounded by books, music and visual inspiration.

Five hours later - this space was created.

There are 365 days or 8760 hours in a year.

It took less then 1 day for me to reflect, reframe and refocus to set myself up for success in 2020.

  • 20 minutes of reflection

  • 10 minutes of visioning/visualisation

  • 5 hours of action (or hard yakka as we say in Australia)

So far this space has enabled me to:

  • create a plan for 52 weeks of free personal development content

  • create and launch 11 pieces of actual content

  • create a new vision board for health and well being

  • put together 5 x 10 minute workouts

  • play some piano

  • read books

It has only been 4 days……..and I already feel more prepared for the year ahead, all because I MADE THE TIME to reflect, reframe and refocus; and then took action.

Don’t make excuses, make time. You are worth it.


If you need a hand to reflect, reframe and refocus then I have some free tools available at the link below to help you reflect, make actions and manage change.

I used the reflective questions and visioning tools in this personal example.

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