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Keep holding on, managing yourself through fear and uncertainty.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


Our world is in such a state of uncertainly with this global pandemic. For weeks now, I have been watching and listening to people react from a place of fear and anger. The one thing we can be sure of is that things are going to change frequently and that we will be awaiting decisions from others to influence our lives. You may be feeling out of control and anxious about this.

As scary as this seems, there are things you can do to cope and manage through change and uncertainty. It is critical to realise that you cannot control circumstances or other people. We can only take care of ourselves. So with that in mind, we can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions.


Our perspective determines the world we live in. Thoughts leads to feelings, feelings lead to action. You need to understand why you are reacting a certain way and how that makes you feel.

  1. Write down your fear

  2. Write down your thoughts about the fear

  3. Write down your feelings about the fear

  4. Write down an alternative constructive thought.

Picture 1: How to deal with fears

Don't give away your power

Identify what you can control and what decisions you can make; then do that!

  • Don't blame others

  • Don't expect others to make you feel better.

If you are feeling flat - how are you going to make yourself feel better?

Identify your positive sources of energy and use them:

  • Listen to music that makes you happy

  • Dance like no-one is watching

  • Chat in person or online with someone who makes you happy.

  • Listen to or watch an inspirational video or podcast.

  • Write down what you are grateful for

  • Seek professional help or phone counselling organisation like Lifeline or Beyond Blue

Take control via action

Prepare based on what you can control. Having a plan and feeling organised will help you find control.

Look for possibilities and opportunities. If social distancing is enforced or you must self isolate; what are some opportunities in this scenario?

  • Read a book

  • Find some fun family time

  • Do some online learning

  • Start/finish that project

  • Binge watch that series you have always wanted to

  • De-clutter - tidy that junk room

  • Phone or send messages to people you haven't spoken to in a while

Don't give away your power; can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

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