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Are you in or out of your comfort zone?

Sometimes what keeps us from getting what we want in life is our reluctance to change our routines and habits. In fact is much easier to stay in our comfort zone. Alan Henry from describes a comfort zone, as a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimises stress and risk.

We often stay in our comfort zone to avoid discomfort. Rather then focusing on discomfort, an alternate view is looking at expanding your comfort zone to include the things you’ve always wished you could do.

Tips for getting out of your comfort zone

1. Think - what are your thoughts telling you?

2. Feel- how are you feeling?

3. Deal- accept, process, then keep going.

4. Learn-what do you need to know?

5. Plan - what do you need to do?

6. Prepare - for challenges.

7. Act -take action

What are the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone?

  • You move forward and progress

  • You build resilience and become adaptable to change

  • You participate in new experiences

For access to your getting out of your comfort zone infographic, go to:

Remember - great things never come from comfort zones (author unknown)

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