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I had good intentions......

I often get asked 'how do I fit in time for learning, side hustling, mothering and working full time?' I had planned to share with you how I fit my side hustling and studying into my very busy day. I use the word planned as well things didn't quite work out.

I got up around 6.30am, got a head start on the washing and then sat down to study and do research. I’ve stopped lenghthy sleep ins on weekend’s - but I certainly don’t get up early. I do online master classes, read and research; instead of committing to traditional study. I am a full time working ballet mum. That’s all I can manage right now.

After some quiet time this morning, I had to drive my daughter 85km's to a ballet master class and training session. I thought whilst my husband and I were waiting, we might be able to find some quiet time somewhere to read and relax. I also planned to arrive home just after 5pm and fit in some more writing (whilst dinner was cooking in the oven). I had 2 hrs of driving and 2.5 hours of waiting around. I thought I could have at least utilised some of the 2.5 hrs.

However, I got lost driving around an inner city suburb. I couldn't find a nice place to read so my husband and I just kept driving around.

I got lost on the way home again, (so I didn't get home until later then I planned). To top it off, I flooded the laundry floor when I got home so didn't get to writing whilst the dinner was cooking.

So today didn't work out as planned. I wish I could give you lots of tips but I can't. I can only give you my lessons learned from today:

1) I am glad I made some quiet time early this morning - as this managed to be the only time.

2) Gratitude - even though I was driving around lost, I had my husband's lovely company

3) I am ok with not succeeding - it doesn't mean I can't try again tomorrow.

4) Most importantly - focus on what I can control and let go of the rest!

We'll get there friends. Just keep on keeping on

xxxx Liz

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