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Finding my voice

Over 6 years ago I found my voice at 35 years of age; and started singing. I was being mentored/coached by an inspirational Senior Executive, in the hope of finding a new career path for me. I soon found that it wasn't my career I had a problem with, it was that I didn't have anything outside of work, being a mother or being a wife. After a few sessions he asked me a simple question - 'Liz, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?' I said 'a famous singer.' We laughed and talked further about my how I studied music in high school, how I use to sing in the choir and shared how I always turn to music to deal with all the emotions that come with life.

My mentor challenged me to find a way to bring music back into my life. I knew that somewhere inside my was a voice that hadn't really been heard in a long time. I decided to take singing lessons in the hope that perhaps I could audition for a community choir.

After 3 months of voice lessons my mentor told me that the CEO of our organisation and a few of my colleagues jammed during the week and were putting together a band to perform for free at some organisational events. "You should go down and jam with them Liz' I laughed it off and told him I wasn't ready to something like that. A few days later he emailed me and said that he spoke with the CEO and told him I was coming down to jam with them and perhaps do some backing vocals. I felt sick to my stomach but I couldn't pull out was the freakin CEO!

In the lead up to the jam session I was so nervous and stressed I almost cried. My mentor reassured me that it was all going to be ok and that I should give it a go.

So I gave it a go and finally found my voice. I found a voice that entertained people. I found a voice that could help people feel the emotions the melody or lyrics of a song. I found a voice that could express feelings and thoughts through original song writing. Finding my voice meant that I could fill a gap in my creative soul. Finding my voice led to me being a happier more balanced person.

Finding my voice led to finding me.

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