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Finding the light

I am lost in a forest. Yes - I have become lost in a dark forest of bureaucracy and politics. I can't get out of the forest - there are so many invisible barriers. These barriers seem to stop people doing the right thing, or stop the right people from doing the right things, and/or the right people going to the right places. These barriers make me feel trapped in this dark forest of bureaucracy and politics.

I have given my heart and soul to large organisation's for the sole purpose of making a difference to my community and the lives of others in the work place. I usually always see the light, but the light is barely peering through the trees in the forest. I am gradually losing my ability to positively influence people, be innovative and have fun. I am working long hours and am away from my family for very little intrinsic or financial reward.

I am looking for a glimmer of light. I think that glimmer of light is going to be from a side hustle. Why the side hustle? I am looking for for a place where I can be me. Where I can help others be themselves. Where I can help people have fun and fulfilling experiences. Where I can help people be strong, savvy and feel supported. For some reason I keep looking everywhere elsewhere for this place of light; and have forgotten to look inside of me.

I have decided that rather than look to someone else or somewhere else, I am going to create my own place of light - my own side hustle. My own side hustle is going to be the place where I can be me and help other's be the best version of themselves. I can't leave the forest yet - I have hope I can still make a difference there and of course it pays the bills. However my side hustle is the light peering through the trees of this dark forest.

I'm nervous as I don't know where to start. I've never had a real side hustle, never been a business owner or an entrepreneur. Heck, what is an entrepreneur and can I be one?

I think an entrepreneur takes chances, invests their heart, mind & money to grow something. So yes- I think I am an entrepreneur. In fact I want to be an entrepreneur of many things. Is this a multipreneur? What things you may ask? I don't know - but how exciting will the journey be finding out what that is?

It's never to here I go.

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